Based in London, Fidgetry was founded by a passionate product designer that wanted a more satisfying solution to his fidgeting habits. Fidgetry became his vision for creating innovative, high-quality fidget toys to enhance concentration, relieve stress and improve health.

We all have unique ways of fidgeting and we all fidget in different ways depending on the activity that we’re doing. That’s why we will be designing a variety of Fidgetry products using addictive fidget mechanisms to fulfil any fidgetive habit.  

Due to the subconscious nature of fidgeting, we wanted to keep our designs simplistic and easy to use – to make sure as soon as you receive your Fidgetry, all fidgeting actions will come naturally with no prior practice. Our Fidgetry range is elegantly designed and manufactured with the highest quality materials to not only look stunning, but to feel and perform beautifully as well.

Whether you’re in the office, studying at school or reading the Sunday newspaper at home, Fidgetry can sooth any moment in any location. Purposely, they are small pocket-friendly items for every day carry to fulfil any sudden fidget urges. Whenever, wherever.