Spinet Elite Black Fidget Spinner


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The Spinet Elite Black: Why not step it up a gear with our latest upgraded Spinet. Installed is a high performance  R188 ceramic hybrid bearing so that you can now enjoy smooth spin times of 4-6 minutes!

The Spinet Elite comes with R188 threaded buttons to give you easy access to maintain and clean your bearing.

Unlike any other spinner the Spinet has the smoothest body known to man with no hard edges or pressure points. Which inevitably will always deliver a truly soothing experience and satisfy any fidget urges.

The Spinet body material is stainless steel with a PVD finish.

Comes with a Fidgetry branded box and a black Fidgetry branded soft velvet pouch.

Dimensions 50mm x 45mm x 14mm

Weight: 68 grams


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